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*historical aside:

This company profile was written in 1998, when we had a single client, Paul was still working at Sony, and I had a mustache and was driving an 88 caprice delivering zone-diet meals to the rich and famous of Los Angeles. You know what they say: Things change, people change, hairstyles change. Interest rates, well, they fluctuate. We've been updating the site ever since then, relaying our lives and lessons for the cause of inspirato, chronicling our hairstyles and weight, our patterns of finesse and excess- all in the middle of one of the most violent and idiotic gold rushes of the century- but amazingly have only made a few changes to the profile section (mostly in the pop up windows, as the graphic text on the main pages is a bitch to switch).

I had considered redoing the whole deal with the last update, if only for the sake of refreshing the slang depository, but something occurred to me: the jonx was written four years ago, when we didn't have shit. When we didn't have an office, didn't have a bank account. When the unholy dong huffers were out there were still waving flags, flashing their white teeth, piling venture capital. When in the middle of it all, a couple skateboard kids had a few drinks and sowed the seeds of self fulfilling prophecy. We turned Tuesday into Saturday. It makes me pretty fucking proud, to be honest.

Please consider this while reading.