Sakebomb is a new media company based in Los Angeles, established in the year 1998 by Greg Shewchuk and Paul Hastings. We provide a range of production and marketing solutions including iphone app design and programming, complete website conception/design/creation, flash animation and game programming, php and database development, and the well-proportioned serving of saucy original content. Our clients are primarily in the entertainment and skateboard industries, where we have worked with the top studios, networks, labels, brands, and personalities. We build creative and entertaining products, sprinkle dynamite stylings, and are easy to work with. To date we have worked on campaigns that have brought in over $500M. The following selections are some of our recent and larger projects.

Project: Mad Decent DJ app
Client: Mad Decent
overview: iPhone apps are hot, and of course we are on it. Check out our recent project with Mad Decent (Diplo, Blaqstarr, South Rakkas, etc)- free app, DJ honker, club cred, now you got it. Get it. If you are interested in developing something for your brand, hit us up.
notes: Also check out Jet Pack Monkey, our first experimental game app.

Project: Undefeated E Store
Client: UNDFTD
overview: Among our interweb skills are the makeaging of e-commerce shops, like this particularly clearn/sparse kit for the streetwear crew at Undefeated. Since ecommerce actually makes money, you might want to pay particular attention to how you are building your online store, and who you have building it. I mean, how many times have you looked at a site and thought, I wouldn't give those dudes my credit card! In other words, go with the best. Sakebomb.
notes: This site has gone through some variations, a recent relaunch just went down so make sure to check it out for the latest steezy shoe hats and what have you.

Project: Role Models
Client: Universal Studios
overview: This movie did "better than expected" by the execs at Uni, so congratulations were due all around. Paul Rudd, Seann William Scott, David Wain, and the rest of the cast and crew made an amazing and funny movie. Sakebomb made an amazing and funny website, and there you go. We were happy to help exceed expectations.
notes: We made the DVD page that comes up before linking into the site as well. Usually you'll have to watch the movie a few times during the course of building the site (to pull audio and stuff like that) and I have to say, it was pretty much looked forward to each time.

Project: Let's Go To Prison official website
Client: Universal Studios
overview: This is our most recent film site, and our first major job with Universal. This is a really funny movie and we had a lot of great material to work with, check the site for lots of tricky flash animation, soundbites, and some funny games and walkthroughs. Bob Odenkirk directed this one, check it out.
notes: We didn't make the current DVD flash page, click through for the juice. * I feel obligated to point out that although many websites have since jocked the trippy "foreground characters sliding around with mouse movement" style that we use in this site (often in weaker variations), it was pioneered in the SB labs by Mr. Paul Hastings. Buhleedat!

Project: Jackass Number Two official website
Client: Paramount / Dickhouse
overview: We did the first Jackass site, so we were set for this one. It was burly. Lots of time on location checking out how everything goes down, and working mostly with the amazing photography from Benzo and Cliver. Very inspiring.
notes: the MPAA tends to shut down exactly the kind of things Jackass is all about, so it's always a challenge to make a compelling site without showing (among other things) defecation, nudity, drug use, swear words, etc. Plus we didn't want to give away any of the big stunts. This movie released #1- good work, boys.

Project: Saturday TV Funhouse DVD release website
Client: Universal Home Video
overview: This is a microsite that acts as a video player- check it out to see some framed flashed video, which I have to say is pretty happening for the internet.
notes: This DVD is incredible.

Project: Xzibit: artist's official site
Client: Xzibit / Emventures
overview: CMS site for platinum superstar Xzibit. We built the site, now a fan is running the content.
notes: Xzibit is a nice dude.

Project: Elgin Park website
Client: Michael Andrews / Elgin Park
overview: Michael Andrews is a musician and producer that has operated in similar circles as SB for a while, and we were stoked to build his site. He's done a lot of impressive stuff lately.
notes: Geoff Mcfetridge supplied the paintings for this site. Michael's music was used for Geoff's "Mind Trip" video, the first version of which really blew my mind.

Project: Team America World Police official website
Client: Paramount
overview: The filmmakers (Trey Parker and Matt Stone) didn't really want us to get too crazy building our own original content for this one; they were very careful with this campaign and wanted the film to speak for itself. We kept things pretty mellow and packaged this amazing movie like they wanted: Bruckheimer-esque. Feel the heat.
notes: Kim Jong Il is back big time, I wonder if they should re-release this movie, as the politics seemed to escape a lot of people at the time.

Project: Mean Girls official website
Client: Paramount
overview: A great movie by Tina Fey. We usually get to read the scripts ahead of time, and this was one of the better ones to read. We had no idea we had so much teen girl angst in us, when we started building this site as a Teen magazine everything just came together. There is a lot of fun stuff in this one.
notes: a #1 box-office weekend. The site was getting 1M hits a day before release, unheard of at the time.

Project: Jackass the Movie official site
Client: Paramount / Dickhouse
overview: This was for the first Jackass movie, although I think they've taken down the site. No one knew how the movie was going to do. It was a big success (#1 release), and we were happy with the way we built things out. It's real easy to overdo Jackass, you have to know when things aren't cutting it. We made some funny fake trailers and an office tour, things like that. I always wonder who actually reads those things...
notes: We happened to be in London with Mat Hoffman the night of the overseas premiere, and the partying that went down that night was legendary.

Project: Being John Malkovich official site
Client: Gramercy / Propaganda
overview: Spike Jonze called us up and asked us to build a fun site for his first feature film. We gladly obliged, and proceeded to make the most ridiculous, high concept, mpaa-unapproved site that has ever been created. I will come right out and say it: this site was way better than that Blair Witch crap. Security guard live cams, behind the scenes in Italy with hidden cameras, letters to the editor, PA journals, so much good stuff.
notes: This was our first big yob, and it really made Sakebomb happen. We were really grateful for the opportunity on this one.

Project: Propaganda Films
Client: Propaganda
overview: We booked the corporate site for Propaganda (the biggest commercial and video production house at the time) after BJM, and had plans for big new-media ventures with these guys. Unfortunately the bottom dropped out.
notes: Severin White and Sakebomb was a dream team, c'mon.

Project: Series 7: The Contenders official site
Client: USA / October / Killer Films
overview: A fun site to promote a high concept movie. We took the ball and ran on this one, and spun a "Survivor" website rip off into a mass of fake commercials, ridiculous flash games, and the now legendary Training Manuals featuring Sergio and the Sarge. Pete Dawes was behind the wheel on this, god I miss him.
notes: Girls Against Boys did the music for this movie. Dude, go to the website and play the shooting game, or check out the Glock walkthrough. Sakebomb classics.

Project: Perfect Score official site
Client: Paramount / MTV
overview: We went for a zine style on this one. Really got into the highschool mentality. This one cracks me up. The quizzes in this website (that I wrote, mind you) continue to make me laugh to this day. What does that mean? Anyway, this site is nothing to brag about but I like to brag about it anyway.
notes: We tried to make an "emo" editorial voice for this site. I'm not sure if that ever got across. Usually I'm Chuck Verbatim, mystery man?

Project: Adaptation alt. content
Client: Sony / ?
overview: We didn't get the Adaptation site (whoever got it blew it anyway), but we were hired to make some alt. marketing waves. The result was "Production Days", a series of short films based on the life of Lloyd Rice, a fictional PA from the Being John Malkovich days that was hired on Adaptation. (This was before all the hype about short form content and integrated marketing and viral video, mind you.) We wrote, produced, shot, and edited this whole deal. To be perfectly honest: I know this has its flaws, but there is also a lot of magic in here, buddy.
notes: ensemble cast with Lucas Fleischer, Tyrone "Mr. Dope America" Moreno, Reza Bahador, Lisa Roth, and more. Slabco, MDA, Paranorm, Chris K. (!) sounds, c'mon. Mark Lewman is the original purveyor of million dollar ideas, by the way.

Project: Tomb Raider 2 The Cradle of Life
Client: Paramount
overview: We get a call: can you go to London to shoot behind the scenes footy for the new Tomb Raider movie? Yes. Can you bring an extreme sports star? Yes. Strange a request as it might seem, we can do that too. We called up Mat Hoffman (aka the nicest, gnarliest, most legit dude on earth) and he joined us for an extended jaunt about the Pinewood studios doing interviews and mucking about, culminating in giving two of Mat's bikes to Angelina and Maddox. They were stoked. We were stoked.
notes: Slabco Steve joined us on this trip as soundman. We renamed the ol' city Fundon.

Project: Go Ahead Interstitials: Skateboarding
Client: Noggin / The N
overview: This was a 3 part interstitial series to go with the "Go Ahead" campaign they were pushing on the newly created The N network. We've always skated, and we hired homie Aryeh Kraus to show the people what it takes to "Go Ahead" on a skateboard in this day and age: charging on 16 stair handrails. Nice work, Aryeh.
notes: these interstials literally ran thousands of time. We shot an entire pilot starring Aryeh and friends for this network, but they never bought it.

Project: Series 7 Training Manuals
Client: USA / October / Killer Films
overview: These magical little gems just happened during the making of the Series 7 website. Check them out and learn how to knife fight, gun battle, and grapple- all very important abilities. You may be seeing more of these guys in the future.
notes: Reza really does know what he is doing. He'll whoop you.

Project: Cannonball Run: One Lap of America
Client: TNT / Car and Driver TV
overview: We were super stoked to get to race the Cannonball Run, and were pretty unstoked to have to do it in a purple PT Cruiser. But we made do, Chris Koh and Joe Aguirre joined us on this one and we rocked our way around the country, including a detour to the big N.O. before it got swamped. Lucky us.
notes: I'm a good race car driver. Seriously. I'll race you.

Project: Hardboiled
Client: Yet to be determined
overview: Drunky the Egg has been like the Sakebomb mascot for years and years. I'm not sure exactly what's going to happen with this little guy, as he's had lots of suitors but no one has yet to pull the trigger and cough up some money to make this one happen. But Drunky is amazing, and if you've seen him skateboard you know he can do anything.
notes: A claymation revolution waiting to happen.

Project: Music Video for Draco's "I Don't Want to Mek It"
Client: Slabco
overview: We used to have an office in Tokyo, and this was one of our local jobs: a guerilla music video for Slabco record's incredible Draco. We shot this in a day, and while it may not have the highest production value, it's still a pretty sweet slice of life in TK. The song rips.
notes: Draco rips.

In case you are interested, here is our original company profile, posted in 1998. Japanese version here.

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